The Art of Animal Drawing By Ken Hultgren

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    The Art of Animal Drawing Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature By Ken Hultgren. Hultgren is Former Disney animator. He offers expert advice on drawing animals both realistically and as caricatures. This book are total 136 pages with 759 Illustration. I recommended this book for those who is interested to learn character drawing. You can find a better explain about Use of line, establishing mood,  brush technique, conveying action, much more. This is my one of the favorite book. This drawing book are divided many chapter on drawing individual animal forms- dogs, cows, cats, horses, foxes, deer, kangaroos. 53 halftones, 706 line illustrations. I think this book is an amazing things for any fine arts student. I share this book from my e-book collection with multiple free download links. All download links are totally free. 

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