Pencil drawing techniques by David Lewis

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    Pencil drawing techniques Edited by  David Lewis. This book for the artist who want to upgrade his or her her pencil drawing skill from basic to advanced. Pencil Drawing Techniques is written by seven of today's best artists. Whose are incredibly fine instructors as well.There name is- 

    1. Ferdinand Petrie
    2. Rudy de Reyna
    3. Douglas Graves
    4. Norman Adams
    5. Jhon Blockley
    6.Richard Bolton
    7. Bet Borgesons

    Each of the artist explain the different part and subject of the book. Total book is Edited by David lewis. The book is divided into seven sections: how to handle a pencil, fundamentals of drawing, drawing landscapes, drawing portraits, drawing animals, drawing for watercolors, and handling color pencils.

    Total book is 138 pages. For free download this excellent drawing book I share multi link. Click the link below for free download.

    Total size: 39 mb

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